M-Doc – Storage for Salesforce

Storage made easy for Salesforce,Store large capacity files

Now, your team can effortlessly store large capacity files without the worry of Salesforce limitations. M-doc enables seamless integration between Salesforce and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) to securely store and retrieve file. If you are using Dropbox, M-doc has a connector for Dropbox too.









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Easy Storage, Easy Retrieval and Easy Sharing of documents stored on external storage from within Salesforce

  • Stores all your large capacity files on any external storage server of your choice.
  • Allows easy access of these files within salesforce
  • Easily links files to any Standard and Custom Objects
  • Allows file sharing with Salesforce users
  • Allows and Controls file access to external user by sending download link by email with user driven content expiry
  • Store unlimited documents, images, video and other files using a simple interface
  • Set a file as private or public to secure your file from viewing
  • Track the log of all deleted files
  • Track the share history of files
  • Easily upgrade storage from GB to Terra bytes of storage








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